On 30th December 2015 the historic St.Ives lifeboat JAMES STEVENS No10 sank for the second time in her life.

After operating successfully for many years as pleasure boat and offering boat trips around St.Ives Bay, the JAMES STEVENS No.10 fell victim to modernisation. The fleet of pleasure boats that were operating in St.Ives were slowly being replaced with more modern and faster boats, in 2009 the old lifeboat fell victim to this modernisation and after being replaced she was laid up at Dynamite Quay, Hayle and left unattended.

Eventually the years of neglect finally took their toll and the on the 31st of December 2015 the historic lifeboat filled with water and sank. After being pumped out the JAMES STEVENS No10 was towed to Hayle harbour and lifted out of the water by a large crane.